Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently?

The issue of knowing who viewed my Facebook profile recently has been on for a long while now. But the problem for most of us is that it seems as though there is no way around this, as Facebook (just like most other social media network) don’t have any inbuilt feature that supports this. But the question is, do you really want to know how you can know the people who viewed your Facebook profile recently? If your answer to the above posed question is yes, then this article is for you.

Facebook is at the moment, the most popular social media platform in the world. And for some personal reasons, many of us feels inclined of knowing those persons that have taken out time to view our Facebook profile periodically. The reason for this inclination could be for the sake of knowing our popularity on Facebook, or to see those fines girls or handsome guys that really cares about you, to the extent of taken out time to view your Facebook profile.

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Whatever the reason may be, there is no official way of knowing who visited your Facebook profile recently. However, in this post, attempt will be made to present you with the 2 best ways in which you can easily check who viewed your Facebook profile recently.

How To Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently

Chrome Flatbook Externsion

The first way of checking who viewed my Facebook profile is by using Facebook flatbook Extension on google chrome browser.

Note: This approach can function just in Google Chrome Web Browser.

1. First you should add Facebook Flat Expansion to your Chrome Web Browser by Click on this Link.

2. Click on Include In Chrome Button to add the Expansion to your Chrome Internet browser.

3. Then verify your action by Click Add Expansion Switch on the appear display.

know who viewed your facebook profile

4. After include this Expansion, Log on to your Facebook Account or reload your Chrome Internet browser if you already Browsed through. You will see something different in your Facebook Account User Interface.

5. After That Click Account Visitors to see Who see your Facebook Account Commonly (View Photos, Conversation & Comment).

6. If you desire to go back to your Normal Facebook Account User Interface, Click on Enable/Disable Facebook Apartment on the Upper Left Conner of the display to Disable the Facebook Apartment.

viewed facebook profile

Now you could see who watch your Facebook Profile usually with the Expansion on Chrome Browser and this Facebook Flat Extension is not only allow you to know your Facebook pals who watch your Profile however also individuals that is not your good friends on Facebook also. You could Make it possible for and Disable the Extension at any moment you want.

who viewed my facebook profile

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Android App

The second way on how to check who visited your Facebook profile is by using the App ” who viewed my Facebook profile “. This android app has a friendly user interface, and can be used by virtually anybody.

1) To use this app, simply click on the link here to download the app on your phone.

2) After downloading it successfully, install the app and open it.

3) Once you launch the program, it will ask you to log into your Facebook account, simply click on yes, and it will automatically sign you in.

4) After this, the app will ask you for some permissions. Make sure you grant these permissions and hit the ok button.

After all this, you will be logged into your Facebook account through this app, and from there you can check on who viewed my Facebook account recently without them knowing that you have found out already.

So that is it guys. We hope that this guide must have helped you answer the question of I Want To Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile Today, and also the question of Can I See Who Visited My Facebook Profile today 2019. If you still have any further question, please do well to let us know using the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you ASAP.

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