How To View Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger 2020

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Do you want to learn how to view your archived messages on Facebook Messenger? How about learning how to archive your Facebook messages? If you want to learn how to do any of the above-posed questions, then this article is for you.

So, in this article, we are going to be using two devices (Android and iPhone) to demonstrate how you can view your archived messages on Facebook Messenger, and also how you can archive your messages. So stay with me while I take you through the steps involved.

What Is Facebook Message Archive

To archive, a message on Facebook simply means to hide that message from your inbox until the next time you chat with that person. Remember that to archive a message is different from deleting a message, because to delete a message permanently removes that message from your inbox, with archiving it temporarily hides it from view.

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How To Archive A Facebook Message

To archive, your Facebook message, simply follow the instruction below.

  1. Go to
  2. Open the conversation you want to archive.
  3. Click the setting icon at the top right corner of the conversation.
  4. Then click Archive. That should be all.

How To View Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger- Android

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1. Open the Facebook Messenger App. Facebook Messenger is a blue speech bubble icon with a white lightning bolt in it.

2. Tap House. It’s the icon that appears like a home, and it is at the top left corner under the search bar.

3. Press and hold on a discussion. Doing so will expose a pop-up menu.

4. Tap Archive. The discussion will be relocated to the “Archived” folder.

5. Tap the blue speech bubble icon. It remains in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and doing so will begin a brand-new discussion.

6. Key in the recipient of your archived discussion.

7. Tap on the recipient’s name. You will now see the archived messages from the discussion appear in the chat window.

How To View Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger- iPhone

1. Open the Facebook Messenger App. Facebook Messenger is a blue speech bubble icon with a white lightning bolt in it.

2. Tap House. It’s the icon that appears like a home, and it seems in the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. Swipe left on a discussion to expose your alternatives.

4. Tap More. It’s the grey button with three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other.

5. Tap Archive. The discussion will be relocated to the “Archived” folder.

6. Tap the blue “+” icon. It lies in the leading right corner of the Messenger screen. Doing so will begin a brand-new discussion.

7. Enter the recipient of your archived discussion.

8. Tap on the recipient’s name. You will now see the archived messages from the discussion appear in the chat window. It is as simple as that.

We hope that this quick guide was quite useful to you. If you still have any further question you may wish to ask, please do well to use the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently?

The issue of knowing who viewed my Facebook profile recently has been on for a long while now. But the problem for most of us is that it seems as though there is no way around this, as Facebook (just like most other social media network) don’t have any inbuilt feature that supports this. But the question is, do you really want to know how you can know the people who viewed your Facebook profile recently? If your answer to the above posed question is yes, then this article is for you.

Facebook is at the moment, the most popular social media platform in the world. And for some personal reasons, many of us feels inclined of knowing those persons that have taken out time to view our Facebook profile periodically. The reason for this inclination could be for the sake of knowing our popularity on Facebook, or to see those fines girls or handsome guys that really cares about you, to the extent of taken out time to view your Facebook profile.

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Whatever the reason may be, there is no official way of knowing who visited your Facebook profile recently. However, in this post, attempt will be made to present you with the 2 best ways in which you can easily check who viewed your Facebook profile recently.

How To Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Recently

Chrome Flatbook Externsion

The first way of checking who viewed my Facebook profile is by using Facebook flatbook Extension on google chrome browser.

Note: This approach can function just in Google Chrome Web Browser.

1. First you should add Facebook Flat Expansion to your Chrome Web Browser by Click on this Link.

2. Click on Include In Chrome Button to add the Expansion to your Chrome Internet browser.

3. Then verify your action by Click Add Expansion Switch on the appear display.

know who viewed your facebook profile

4. After include this Expansion, Log on to your Facebook Account or reload your Chrome Internet browser if you already Browsed through. You will see something different in your Facebook Account User Interface.

5. After That Click Account Visitors to see Who see your Facebook Account Commonly (View Photos, Conversation & Comment).

6. If you desire to go back to your Normal Facebook Account User Interface, Click on Enable/Disable Facebook Apartment on the Upper Left Conner of the display to Disable the Facebook Apartment.

viewed facebook profile

Now you could see who watch your Facebook Profile usually with the Expansion on Chrome Browser and this Facebook Flat Extension is not only allow you to know your Facebook pals who watch your Profile however also individuals that is not your good friends on Facebook also. You could Make it possible for and Disable the Extension at any moment you want.

who viewed my facebook profile

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Android App

The second way on how to check who visited your Facebook profile is by using the App ” who viewed my Facebook profile “. This android app has a friendly user interface, and can be used by virtually anybody.

1) To use this app, simply click on the link here to download the app on your phone.

2) After downloading it successfully, install the app and open it.

3) Once you launch the program, it will ask you to log into your Facebook account, simply click on yes, and it will automatically sign you in.

4) After this, the app will ask you for some permissions. Make sure you grant these permissions and hit the ok button.

After all this, you will be logged into your Facebook account through this app, and from there you can check on who viewed my Facebook account recently without them knowing that you have found out already.

So that is it guys. We hope that this guide must have helped you answer the question of I Want To Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile Today, and also the question of Can I See Who Visited My Facebook Profile today 2019. If you still have any further question, please do well to let us know using the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you ASAP.

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Facebook Market Place: Buy And Sell On Facebook

What do you know about the Facebook Market place? Its rather obvious that a lot of persons are yet to hear about the innovative feature of Facebook market place. As a result, they have not been able to make effective use of the service. Consequently, this article ” Facebook Market Place: Buy And Sell On Facebook” seeks to address the above identified problem. Hence, you will learn everything about Facebook Market Place, including how to buy and sell on Facebook. So stay put while i take you through this introductory guide.

facebook market place

Facebook is traditionally known as a social messaging app, where people come together to chat with their loved ones. However, it must be mentioned here that Facebook has way gone above this basic function it performs. In this era, Facebook has become an all encompassing social media program which offers a wide range of functions to its users, including the option of buying and selling products and services in the market place, just like we traditionally buy and sell in our local markets. The need to explain how the Facebook market place works engendered the writing of this article. But before we proceed, we must attempt to answer one question.

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What Is Facebook Market Place?

Facebook Market place is a feature on Facebook that allows Facebook users worldwide to buy and sell goods and services to the Facebook users near them, just like we buy and sell in the markets near our homes. The importance of Facebook market place can never be over emphasized as it allows people discover the items near them which they can easily buy without stress.

How Does Facebook Market Place Work?

Facebook market place works just exactly the same way as the traditional markets we have all around us. We call it a market place because it has a virtual location where you can go to either sell or buy products. Like every traditional market that has both sellers and buyers, without which no transaction can take place, the Facebook market place also has buyers and sellers, and they all operate with the same philosophy of profit maximization. I know that buy now you must want to know how you can either buy or sell on Facebook, am I right? Don’t worry, I will explain that later on this post.

How To Buy On Facebook Market Place

Buying on Facebook market place is not only simple but fun as well. Simply follow the procedures below:

  1. Click on the Market place icon on your Facebook app
  2. Select the item that you want to buy from the Facebook market place
  3. From there, you can send a message to the seller of that product for further bargaining of the price of that product and also to get some other info as to the availability of that product. Once you are OK with it all, you can arrange to meet with the seller in order to pay and collect your product.

How To Sell On Facebook Market Place

To sell on the Facebook market place, simply follow the following processes below:

  1. Click on the Market place icon on your Facebook app
  2. Take a photo of your item, or add it from your camera roll
  3. Enter a product name, description and price
  4. Confirm your location and select a category
  5. Post

Who Can Access Facebook Market Place?

Despite how interesting the Facebook market place seems to be, the service is not available for everybody, bad right? Not really as it seems. Before you can participate in the Facebook market place, you must 18 years old and above, as this feature is not available for people under the age of 18. Also, If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you can’t participate in the Facebook market place. To learn how to open a Facebook account, we have a post on that here Facebook New Account – Create Facebook | Facebook New Account Open

For the iPhone users, the Facebook market pace feature is only available on iPhone 5 and above. That means that all those that are still using any iPhone that is below iPhone 5 will not be able to access this feature. Also, you can visit the official Facebook site to create a new account.

So, that is it guys. It is our belief that this article was helpful to you. Now that you have been taken through the processes of buying and selling on Facebook market place, you can use the comment section down below to tell us what you feel about this market place. Still got any other question, kindly use the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you ASAP.

Facebook Marketplace App – Facebook Business

Facebook Marketplace App

It is the world-straddling social media site, it is your social and advertising site – and presently it is your marketplace! The ever-popular social media networking site, Facebook, has currently announced that its platform is not just a platform for chat and stories anymore, it is also known as the Facebook Marketplace App! The arrival and launching of this marketplace on Facebook are one feature that now gives so many users the chance to buy, sell and engage in a business transaction with so many other people.

Facebook Marketplace App - Facebook Business

As we all know, Facebook is a platform through which people from far and near get connected and interact with each other. And one way through which people connect is the buying and selling of products with one another. Facebook has recently added the marketplace feature, which is one that has exploded on the platform.

This marketplace is a convenient and easy location where you can buy and sell items around you and far away. People who want to buy are allowed to preview items on sale and search for any item of their choice.

What Does the Facebook Marketplace App Do?

The Facebook Marketplace App is a digital marketplace where several different users from around and far away can come together to trade, buy and sell items. However, after the marketplace serves as a place where sellers showcase the items and prices, and buyer preview these items and engage in discussion with the seller, but every other transaction is therefore continued outside the app. This marketplace lets you to;

  • Look for items to buy.
  • Discover items on sale by location or class.
  • Create images and listings of items you have for sale.
  • Set custom prices and items for your products.
  • Send messages to buyer or sellers in order to proceed with transactions.
  • Have a view of the previous transaction that have taken place.

The Facebook app does not actually take responsibility for managing the transactions for items, users and customers are the ones to work that out by themselves.

Who Can Use the Facebook Marketplace App?

The Facebook Marketplace App is now available and open to iPhone and Android users of about 18 years and above. Anyone who has engaged in this before is definitely able to testify that this marketplace is free to sell, buy and trade products.

However, the marketplace for desktop and PCs is not yet, but it is pinned on the ground to an uncertain time though.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace App

Browse the Marketplace

  1. Open your Facebook on your phone.
  2. At the top of the app, click on the Store icon.
  3. Click on “Categories” at the top.
  4. Select the type of item you want to view.
  5. Browse the marketplace for the item you want.
  6. Click on your preferred item to get more details.
  7. Click on “ASK FOR DETAILS”.
  8. If you are really interested in the product and want to purchase it, click on “Message”.
  9. Click on “Save”.

Sell on the Marketplace

  1. Open the Facebook app and click on the Store icon at the top of the page.
  2. At the top left side, click on “Sell”.
  3. Select a type or category for the product you want to sell.
  4. Add the images of the items you have on sale.
  5. Type a title for the item.
  6. Enter the price of items.
  7. Click on “NEXT”.
  8. Make a choice of the groups you would like to advertise your marketplace to
  9. Click on “POST”.

How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Do you want to learn how to buy and sell on the Facebook marketplace? If yes, then read on. In this post, you will learn everything about the innovative Facebook marketplace, ranging from how to buy to how to sell on this platform. So stay put while I take you through the tutorial.

What do you know about Facebook marketplace? With a population of over 2 billion users, I believe it’s safe to say that Facebook is one of the best and biggest platforms to expand your brand, whether big or small. With the newest roll out on Facebook Marketplace, millions of people have now turned their focus on Facebook for buying and selling. Like you already know, Facebook has over the years, established a strong reputation for credibility and safety. Hence, the reason that has endeared millions of people globally to turn to Facebook for buying and selling.

But before we proceed, we would want to clear the doubt in your mind by establishing a pertinent framework.

facebook marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook online market place is a platform on Facebook that creates an environment for buyers to meet sellers within a particular community; you get to see an item that is up for sale within a distance of 100 miles from your location. The Facebook Marketplace buy and sell feature is currently available on iOS and Android devices only. With hopes of releasing the desktop version in the nearest future. As we know, in every trade, there must be a buyer and also a seller, the same concept applies to Facebook Marketplace, so in this article, we shall discuss these two aspects separately, but in both cases, trading on the marketplace is a win-win for both parties involved.

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How To Become a Seller On Facebook Marketplace 

The aim is to impress potential buyers, so how do you do this? Well,  as the saying goes “ A picture is worth a thousand words “, so you may want to start by taking photos of anything you want to sell in a moderately high definition. There are ten slots available for you to post your products, leverage on this and select the best ten pictures that buyers won’t scroll through without having a second look.

how to buy on facebook

That is as far as pictures go, the next thing is to describe your product, a detailed description of your product should include its state (new or old), quality and other relevant information depending on the product.

Decide on a price, a good idea is to check other sites to see what your competitors are up to. This will give you a better idea of a fair price.

Facebook Marketplace is open for price negotiations, so feel free to increase your fee a little bit higher than the actual price to be on the safer side of the price bargain.

Lastly, as a seller, you may want to take screenshots of your transactions, not only will it help boost your reputation as a seller, some buyers will need enough proof that they are dealing with credible sellers.

How To Become A Buyer On Facebook Marketplace

You want to make sure you are buying right. How so? It basically functions like every other market place in the world, where you walk into a shopping mall to buy a few things. There, you can see a variety of items arranged in a shelve for you to select from, its quite the same on Facebook Marketplace, you can choose to browse items by categories or by using the search bar to find what you want.

how to sell on facebook

Either ways, when you find an item you are sure you want to buy, tap on the image of the product, feel free to view the seller’s profile, send them a direct message or through messenger, ask questions to have a reasonably good idea of what you want to buy, check out some other sites to also have an idea of the price range of the product before you start negotiating.

facebook marketplace

On your own part, don’t make any form of advanced payment, if you are not sure of the source, agree to meet somewhere public, but safe enough to see and confirm the authenticity of the product before making payments.

Note that Facebook does not facilitate any payment; credit card, bank transfers or any form of payment at all.  It is up to the two parties involved to make arrangements and agree on how to make payments; Facebook is not responsible for such or demanding charges for any commodity sold within the network.

That is it, guys. We hope you have learned a couple of things from this post. Still got any other question? Please do well to use the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you ASAP.

Instagram Login With Facebook Account 2020 – Instagram Login Sign in with Facebook Account

This is the only post you will need on Instagram Login With Facebook Account in 2019.

Instagram Login With Facebook

The following instructions will guide you


  1. Enter your menu and then select
  2. Select Linked Accounts
  3. Select Facebook and then give your Facebook login details to connect your account.


  1. Enter your profile and then select
  2. Select Linked Accounts
  3. Select Facebook and then give your Facebook login details to connect your account.

Windows Phone

  1. Tap

    and select Settings

  2. go to  Preferences and then select Share Settings
  3. Select Facebook and then give your Facebook login details to connect your account.

Instagram Login with FB is popular these days because people find stress when trying to log in their Instagram via Facebook. This article will dish you with factual information on how to get into your instagram using FB on a PC or a hand-held device.


Instagram Login Sign in with Your Facebook Account – Instagram Login With My Facebook Account

Instagram login, can be done across multiple interfaces, depending on the platform. You can login via desktop, iPhone, Android etc.

Once you sign up on Instagram, the login process is a simple process which you can easily walk thru, to gain access to your Instagram account.

Instagram login, welcomes you to the Instagram platform, where you check out what your friends are up to. It also grants you access to a world of photos, where you can capture and share photos around the world.

The Instagram platform has become an important platform where people, as well as business, connect to, to leverage on the many Instagram offers. This means, more and more businesses both big and small as well as people, can now visually communicate with their fans, followers, and customers, to better engage their personal and business profile. With a user base of 150 million, Instagram has become one of the best and most used photo-sharing platform, which enables user’s, share photos, and short videos, with their followers.

instagram login

Over 55 million photos are shared on Instagram daily, which makes it a hot spot for your business and profile.

Instagram Login Benefits

Instagram login, grants you access to a whole lot of benefits.

  • Logging in on an active Instagram account with useful and interesting contents can increase your level of engagement with your audience
  • On this platform, you can build trust and personality with your followers
  • Instagram, can act as a powerful source of traffic for your contents.
  • Hook up to your friends and family, to see what’s trending in your circle
  • With Instagram’s free advertising offer, you can leverage it, to showcase your products and services.

These are but few of what this giant platform offers it’s users.

Instagram Login

Instagram login, can be done, by;

  • Entering your correct username and password
  • Tap on the “Login” button to login into your Instagram account.

Yes!!!, it’s as simple as that. Once you take the above mentioned steps, you have just successfully performed your Instagram login.

You can now stay updated on what’s trending and, as well as gainfully engage your followers on the Instagram platform.

Facebook Friend Requests 2020

Facebook is all about connecting folks all over! Sending or receiving a Facebook Friend Requests is the beginning of these connections.

While you probably won’t obtain outlawed for unacceptable friend requests, many people have been blocked from adding a lot more friends. And even if it was an error, there’s no way to raise the block early. It really does aid understanding the rule of thumbs.


Facebook Friend Requests

Ways To Add friends on Facebook?

Below is a little refresher course on the basics of adding friends for those of you not as well acquainted with Facebook. Everyone else, please skip ahead.

When logged right into Facebook, you can see all your pending friend requests through the Friends icon in the top right. If you have undetected friend requests pending, you will additionally see a red number overlaying the symbol, suggesting how many individuals have actually requested to friend you.

Click the icon to broaden a menu that reveals all pending friend requests and also a list of Individuals You May Know.

Click Confirm to Add a friend or Erase Request to reject the Request. The sender will not be notified.

You can additionally look for people you know, open their profiles, and also– if they accept friend requests from the general public or friends of friends – Add them by clicking the +1 Add friend switch situated right alongside their name.

To terminate a friend Request, return to their profile, hover over the switch that currently reads +1 friend Request Sent as well as choose Cancel Request from the menu.

You could additionally eliminate a friend using their profile or your Friends list. Facebook does not inform individuals if you eliminate them. Nevertheless, it is feasible to track your friend list with third-party tools and also get signals when people eliminate you.

How Do You Make A Friend Request On Facebook: Mobile App

1. Open the Facebook application.

2. Check in to your Facebook account. If you’re currently checked in, you could skip to the next action. Or else, enter your e-mail address (or telephone number) as well as Facebook password into the areas, after that touch Log In.

3. Open up the account page of the individual you want to Add. There are a few different methods you can discover somebody’s profile web page:

– Tap the search box (or magnifying glass) on top of the screen, then kind a person’s name, e-mail address, or phone number.
– Touch an individual’s name in a comment or post to open their profile web page.
– Tap the  icon near the bottom right of the display, then tap “Friends” From there, you could see your list of current friends or click “Suggestions,” “Contacts” or “Search” to discover other individuals you might understand.
– Open your friends’ friend lists and also faucet a person’s name to see their profile.

4. Faucet Add friend. It’s listed below the person’s account photo as well as name, or alongside their name in Locate Friends. a friend Request will be sent out instantly, as well as you will certainly receive a notice once it is accepted.

– If you do not see Add friend, the person you are trying to Add does not accept friend requests from people with whom they have no mutual friends.
– If you change your mind regarding a friend Request you have actually already sent out, you could cancel it by opening that individual’s Facebook profile and touching Cancel Request.

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How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook


Facebook send friend request list

fb reques