View Blocked List On Facebook


View your blocked list on fb

You may have had to block a couple friends on Facebook for one reason or another – no judgement there. Sometimes, it is just necessary to get out of awkward situations or security threatening ones.

Overtime, you may have lost track of those friends you blocked. It is possible to track them as there is a record of them somewhere within Facebook. If you don’t know how to get to this record of people you’ve blocked, read below to learn the step by step procedure involved in doing just that.

How to View Blocked List on Facebook

  • Click the gear-looking icon.
  • Select “Personal Privacy Settings“.
  • Click “Stopping” in the side bar. This will reveal a list of people you’ve blocked.

This blocked users area also shows friends you’ve disabled from having access to or carrying out specific actions as far as you are concerned.

  • The Blocked App Welcome lists your restricted friends.
  • The Blocked Occasion Welcome lists friends you’ve disabled from welcoming you to any occasions.
  • The Blocked Apps contains apps you’ve blocked.

If you go ahead and click “Edit List” in the Limited List section, a list of friends you’ve limited from seeing your Timeline details will be revealed. These friends still remain on your friends list but have no access to any info you post on your Timeline, be it posts, photos or videos.